Design your own custom jewellery and product line branding. We help you create customised charms, pendants, labels and tags...whatever you wish.


Currently helping dozens of designers around the world, Design a Brand services can basically do anything to help brand, custom make and present your brand with professional and high grade components.

Also working as a contractor for companies in U.S.A and Australia as a product development specialist, Design a Brand work closely with long term trusted factories to get the right quality and finish for your designs.

Design a Brand specialize in producing entire jewellery ranges , tags, branding, packaging, quality control etc for release to market. We only need your samples. We work closely with my factories to get the right quality and finish for your designs. Call us your secret worker bee !!

Travelling overseas every 2 - 3 months the team at Design a Brand can get the job done for your brand.

Simply email your ideas, artwork or samples to [email protected] or call us directly on 0421379790 if you want your brand to be market ready!

Owner / Founder / Specialist

Brad Talbot

About Design a Brand

"Based on the Gold Coast, Brad Talbot is not only a wholesale bead merchant but also a product and customisation expert to source and create new designs for your product line. Leather, Chain, Stone, Metal, Copper, Feathers, Brass ... the list is endless! Travelling the world every three months he will keep it current and progressive".

Carrara, Queensland 4211
0421 379 790
[email protected]